K-5 Course List & Program

Tailor-Made Online Elementary School Programs

Teacher’s PETS Virtual Academy gives your child a well-rounded, quality education that fits your family’s schedule. K–5 programs offer English, history, math, science, music, art, and world languages courses.

Our curriculum is mastery-based, which allows your child to work at a pace best suited for their learning process. You act as your child’s Learning Coach as the parent or legal guardian. Your role is to guide your child through their daily lessons and ensure they stay on track to succeed. You’ll also work closely with online teachers to monitor your student’s progress.

Teacher’s PETS Virtual Academy combines hands-on learning materials with engaging online lessons to create a learning experience tailored to each individual child’s needs. This personalized approach means your child can study at the right pace, and online assessments help ensure that your child is mastering their lessons before moving on to new subjects.

Welcome K5 Students