Contessa’s Story

Teacher’s PETS Inc. (my nonprofit organization) a.k.a. Teacher’s PETS K-12 Academy (TPA) has been the best decision and creation I have experienced in all of my career choices. This endeavor has shown me so much as an individual, entrepreneur, manager, team builder, bookkeeper, counselor, administrator, friend, parent, custodian, and most importantly, a Christian woman.

When the doors of TPA closed in 2011, my world was shattered. Even though several umbrellas were formed under TPI (homeschool, charity giveaways, etc.), I was highly disappointed and frustrated. I didn’t eat for several weeks because I felt like a huge FAILURE! I endured crying days and sleepless nights trying to understand how all of this could be happening to me. Not to mention, all of the contents and keepsakes of the school were removed and were taken away without my consent. I worked so hard and diligently for many years just to see the fruits of my labor terminated. Doomed. I wanted to give up every day, BUT I didn’t. I realized that God needed to do a spiritual transformation in me in order for success to happen.

Today, I am proud to say that if it hadn’t been for this particular business venture, I wouldn’t be able to withstand what I am faced with daily as an entrepreneur. I am extremely grateful for every test, trial, and accomplishment. I am smart enough to know that it takes a team to be successful; and I had the greatest team EVER! Annie Walker, Willie Walker, Runelle Caines, Marcus D. Porter, Tracy D. Mckee, and Kevin T. Long, THANK YOU!!!